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The Netherlands

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(country)  Hong Kong


(city)  Hong Kong
(meeting location)  Wu's Tai Chi Chuan Academy Block A & B,Top Floor, 
37-U, Jordan Road, Kowloon 

(city)  LeiMuk Shu
(state)  NT
(country)  Hong Kong
(meeting location)  Ho Fung Secondary School, LeiMuk Su,KwaiChung,NT

(country)  Korea


(city)  Taejon
(meeting location)  Campus of Korea Advanced Institute of 
Science and Technology 

(country) Israel


(city)  Tel Aviv
(state)  Is
(country)  Israel
(meeting location)  14 Shimon Hatarsi Street

(country)  Australia

(city)  Brisbane
(state)  Queensland
(meeting location) Church Hall on Corner of Ward St and Central Ave

(city)  Sydney
(state)  nsw
(country)  Australia
(meeting location)  sutherland shire

(city)  Sydney
(state)  N.S.W.
(country)  Australia

(city) SYDNEY 

(city)  Sydney
(country)  Australia

(city)  Sydney
(country)  Australia
(location) Chatswood 

(country) New Zealand -------------------------------------- (city) Wellington (country) New Zealand (location) Wellington 169 Cuba St city: Wellington country: New Zealand meeting_location: Thistle Hall, upper Cuba St, Wellington (Corner Cuba and Arthur Streets - First Floor). (country) Cape Town, South Africa -------------------------------------- (city) Cape Town, South Africa (city) Cape Town, South Africa (city) Milnerton Cape Town, South Africa (city) Pretoria and Centurion, South Africa (country) Belgium -------------------------------------- (city) Zwalm (state) Oostflanderen (country) Belgium (state) wetteren (country) Belgium (country) Germany -------------------------------------- (city) Aachen (country) Germany (meeting location) Wushan-Abteilung des ATV (city) Aachen NRW (country) Germany (location) Taijiquan-Leistungszentrum (city) Alsdorf NRW (country) Germany (city) Berlin (country) Germany (city) Bochum (state) NRW (country) Germany (city) Detmold (state) (country) Germany (city) Deuerling (country) Germany (city) Duesseldorf (meeting location) Witzelstr. 55, Duesseldorf (city) Dusseldorf (country) Germany (meeting location) 6Bambushalle, Hoffeldstrasse 10 (city) Giessen (state) Hessen (country) Germany (city) Hamburg (state) HH (country) Germany (city) Konstanz (state) BW (country) Germany (meeting location) Wu-Taichi-Bodensee (city) Mannheim (country) Germany (city) Nuembrecht/NRW (country) Germany (city) Rheinland-Pfalz (country) Germany (city) Kaiserslautern (state) (country) Germany (city) (country) Germany (city) Wuppertal (country) Germany (meeting location) University of Wuppertal (country) Greece -------------------------------- (city) Greece (state) GR (country) Athens-Piraeus (meeting location) Praxitelous 180 Pasalimani 185 35 Piraeus (country) The Netherlands -------------------------------- (city) Dordrecht (country) Netherland (city) Roermond (state) Limburg (country) Netherlands (city) Hilversum (state) Utrecht (country) Netherland (meeting location) Hilversum (city) Venlo (country) The Netherlands (meeting location) "de Groethof", Winkelveldstr. 15 (country) England -------------------------------------- (city) Chard (state) Somerset (city) Chesterfield (state) UK (meeting location) Newbold Methodist Church (city) Birmingham (country) UK (meeting location) Viva, Norman Green Sports Centre (city) London (country) UK (meeting location) Crouch End, N8, North London (city) London (state) UK (meeting location) Parks and Sports Centres (city) Sheffield (country) England (country) Argentina -------------------------------------- (city) Buenos Aires (country) Argentina (meeting location) Parque AgronomíA (country) Uruguay -------------------------------------- (city) Montevideo (state) mdeo. (country) Uruguay (meeting location) She I Kan Institute of Wu Shu and Tai Chi Chuan (country) Canada -------------------------------------- (city) Duncan (state) B.C. (country) Canada (city) Nanaimo (state) B.C. (meeting location) Malaspina College (city) Powell River (state) B.C. (meeting location) Eastern Arts Academy (city) Halifax (state) NS (country) CA (meeting location) Studley dance studio (city) Fredricton (state) N.B. (city) East Toronto (state) On (city) Toronto (state) ON (meeting location) 427 A Queen St. W. (city) Thornhill (state) ON (meeting location) 126 Clark Ave E (city) Toronto (state) ON (city) London (state) ON (country) Canada (meeting location) 939 Western Rd (city) Toronto (state) Ontario (city) Toronto, Ontario (city) Toronto (state) Ontario (country) Canada (meeting location) 84 Augusta Avenue (city) Toronto (state) ON (country) Canada (meeting location) 427 A Queen St. W. (city) Toronto (state) ON (city) Ottawa (state) ON (country) Canada (meeting location) Apt.808, 360 Bell St. S. (city) Montreal (state) Quebec (country) Canada (meeting location) 200 St.Jacques St, 7th Floor, Old Montreal, Quebec (city) Montreal (state) Quebec (country) Canada (meeting location) 6878 Sherbrooke St. West (country) USA -------------------------------------- (city) Little Rock (state) AR (city) Tucson (state) AZ (city) Tucson (state) AZ (location) 1060 Campbell Ave (city) Berkeley (state) CA (meeting location) UC Berkeley Campus (city) Berkeley (state) Ca (meeting location) 1819 10th Street (Finn Hall) (city) Carlsbad (state) CA (city) Los Osos (state) Ca (meeting location) various centers, parks and wilderness retreats in central Cal. (city) Orange County/LA (state) CA (city) Oceanside (city) CA (country) United States (city) Pasadena (state) Ca (country) USA (meeting location) Shantung Kung Fu USA (city) San Diego (city) CA (country) United States (city) San Diego (city) CA (country) United States (city) Atlanta (state) GA (city) Atlanta (state) GA (city) Chicago (state) IL (country) USA (city) Waukegan (state) IL (country) USA (city) Boston, Newton (state) MA (city) Plymouth (state) MA (city) West Detroit Area (Ann Arbor) (state) MI (city) Birmingham (state) MI (city) Northeast Detroit Area (Clinton Township, Troy) (state) MI (city) Minneapolis (state) Mn (country) USA (meeting location) GOMAC 3405 Chicago Ave South (city) Atlantic City/Ocean City (state) NJ (city) Egg Harbor, Township (state) NJ (city) Newark (state) NJ (city) Buffalo (state) NY (city) Syracuse (state) NY (city) Bedford Hts. (state) OH (city) Wheeler (state) OR (city) Pittsburgh (state) PA (city) Columbia (state) SC (meeting location) Circles Center (city) Austin (state) TX (city) Austin (state) TX (city) Dallas (state) TX (meeting location) 6959 Arapaho #589, Dallas, TX 75248 (city) Fort Worth (state) TX (City) Columbia (State) SC (Country) USA (Meeting Location) 1125 B Ave West Columbia , SC 29169 (city) Midlothian (state) VA (city) Richmond (state) VA (city) Sterling (state) VA (city) Oak Harbor (state) WA (city) Seattle (state) WA
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