Kudos and awards for our Wu Tai Chi Website

"Your work is a massive undertaking and very impressive. It certainly requires a lot of thinking and planning. And you have done a hell of a good job in organizing the materials. I am very impressed with the quality of the scanned pictures. Nice work."
Sidney Tang, Chicago, Hong Kong

"this would make an excellent reference to refer to while practicing the movements. . . this is an excellent idea"
Seth R. Trotz, MIT

"you have a very nice home page. Congratulations on your work and its results."
Douglas Nakamoto, Tampa

(Tai Ji -- Alex's WWW-PagesX)
Rima McCabe created a wu style tai chi page (new) 23.11.1995 which includes pictures of the moves. She designed it as a supplement to the teachings of her Chinese speaking teacher, for english speakers, but the pictures of the moves, and the animation should make sense in any language.
Alexander Franz, Duesseldorf

"very interested in purchasing posters (based on the page) if available"
Romon Aperia, Victoria Australia

"just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your Wu Style Page. It was wonderful to find your page on the world wide web. Your graphics really capture the serenity of the form. Particularly enjoyed the animations. Very nicely done. You have much to be proud of here."
S. Bernst, NYC

"pretty neat approach. I've just started a collection of T'ai Chi links,X but yours is the most artistic I've encountered.". . . "you win my artistic award for tcc sites."
Lee Scheele, CA

"Kudos on your Tai Chi Web-page. It's among the best I have browsed so far. . . . The idea with the animated sequences is great . . . The way the form is done on your page closely resembles the way I have learned to do it."
Joern Wnnerstroem, Denmark

"Very impressive, I must say, both in content and in presentation where did you get the diagrams from - I recognise them from "The Tao of Tai Chi Chuan", but the images look too good a quality to be scanned in from the small pictures there - Do you have access to some original drawings? Anyway, must go - once again, a nice site, keep up the good work! "
John Constable, Cambridge, England

"I find your pages fascinating. I look forward to seeing the rest of the taiji pages!"
Bob Colley, Hawaii

"I was really impressed by the animations on your page. I haven't seen anything quite like what you have done. . . The questions format works well also. . . the overall structure is great . . ."
Phillip Robertson, Chicago

(The Tai Chi Links Page X)
"Wu Style Tai Chi
A very nicely executed page including drawings of moves in wu style tai chi."

"Very nice pages!!!"

The Wu Style animated Tai Chi Page
This site is now up, and well worth a visit for anyone interested in the Wu style of tai chi. The page provides animated drawings of various moves in Wu style Tai Chi.
Jack Purcell, Middle Tennesse University, TN

"Your tai chi page is really cool - the animations are just fantastic..."
Rima Nicole Devitt, cyberspace

"what a fantastic find. the work you have done here is fantastic. its been twenty four years since i studied tai chi with raymond chung in vancouver bc. yet those old moves came back like magic. i studied for five years, the 108 forms two hands four hands, walking 4 hands, long pull back, and the first sword forms. thanks again."
Gordon Sinclair, Vancouver, BC

Very nice page. Impressive!!! Thanks for your effort! It has been linked on my Others page. (China related links X) Keep up your nice work!
Remy Rong Guo

(Furyu's Web Guide to Budo Sites X)
Wu Style Form Tai Ji Quan, Rima McCabe. This beautiful site truly shows how the technology of the web can be used to help teach the ancient art. Check out the neat animation....
Congratulations on a wonderfully designed site. I am the on-line editor for Furyu and have just added your site to our Chinese Arts page along with a few others. Yours is clearly the most graphically interesting and pleasing. ...
Charles C. Goodin

I'll visit again and again as I try to get better at Tai Chi, but for really nice html, I'm impressed with what you have achieved.
The animation is especially nice - since I'm visually oriented.
Thomas E. Tilley, CA

(QI JOURNAL links pageX)
Wu Style Animated Tai Chi Page
Well worth a visit for anyone interested in the Wu style of tai chi. The page provides animated drawings of various moves in Wu style Tai Chi.

Your Tai Chi pages are the best I've encountered! I am looking for information on Wu Style as I have studied it since January. We have quite a lot info on the net about Yang style, but Wu seems rare.
Thanks for your efforts!
Cathy Donahue, VA

Nice web site! I am impressed with time, effort and care you have invested to produce a really unique and informative Tai Chi Chuan site. There are more Wu stylists around than you might realize and the family is making a determined effort to reach an international standard form based on the 5th generation. There is no family sanctioned web site although it is a topic of discussion....
Sam Purdy, Michigan

(The Complete Reference to Chinese/China Related Sites X)
Wu Style Form Tai Ji Quan (****) is an animated wu style form site which features the figures used by the founder of this style to illustrate this form.
Weiqing Huang, Chicago

Subject: nice site!
I like your site - very good resource....
Dylan Robertson, Brisbane, Australia

Congratulations to your T`ai Chi websites. Especially the animated links are very exiting. I`m living in Vienna and I am practising T`ai Chi since 8 years. My teacher is a chinese T`ai Chi master, a former dancer of the opera in beijing....
Evi Moechel, Vienna

(The Grog Award X)
CONGRATULATIONS !!! YOU HAVE JUST WON THE GROG AWARD!!! This award is given to those web pages that fit in a certain high quality of entertainment and design. Yours is one of them! ...
Tomislav, Zagreb/Croatia

("Orchid Award for Page Excellence" X)
What a very interesting site!! I truly enjoyed my visit : )
I am very proud to present the "Orchid Award for Page Excellence" award to you in recognition of your hard work in the creation of such an excellent page.
Your site will join the exclusive WINNERS LIST shortly....Once again, congratulations.
Linda Fortner, a.k.a The Orchid Lady

("Blackmoon Web Excellence Award" X)
Congratulations, you have won the Blackmoon Web Excellence Award...I will be adding your name to my list of winners ... with a link back to your kewl site. ... keep up the great work!
Sarina Blackmoon

I really like your website!
Greg Halpern, just north of Chicago

Thanks so much for this truly wonderful site. It's rare to find such detail about Wu style, which is what I've been studying for just about a year here in Cincinnati! The animations are tremendous and do really help see things that are otherwise overlooked in stills and verbal descriptions. ... Again, thanks.
I'll be back often!
Reed Anderson, Cincinnati Ohio

I have severe arthritis .... and have been drawn to Tai Chi. I saw some Chinese citizens doing it in a park on television, and thought that it would be a good thing for me to learn.
Well, I waded through about three libraries' worth of web pages before I found a page that would actually share the information with me---yours. I'm nowhere near a teacher, and if I was I wouldn't have the money. ... I would go to the library, but I don't have a car and the only libraries nearby are more likely to have books on rodeo than Tai Chi.
Thanks to you, though, I have enough to start with.
Micheal Hardgrove, Wewoka, OK

Firstly, I just want to say how much I like your animation sequence.
Secondly, I am very interested in using your illustrations for a Tai Chi story for a feature on the Microsoft Network ... which has a user base of approx. 2 million ...
Catherine Moore, Conde Nast On-Line, UK

("Links2go Key Resource award in the Tai Chi topic" X)
Congratulations! ...
...Unlike most awards that rely on the subjective opinion of "experts," many of whom have only looked at tens or hundreds of thousands of pages in bestowing their awards, the Links2Go Key Resource award is completely objective and is based on an analysis of millions of web pages. During the course of our analysis, we identify which links are most representative of each of the thousands of topics in Links2Go, based on how actual page authors, like yourself, index and organize links on their pages.

("Med411.com directory" X) Congratulations! We like your web site so much that we've added it to the med411.com directory.
Criteria for selection include:
Content of interest to healthcare professionals
Tone and presentation maintained at a professional level Site structure, navigation and
Graphic design executed at a professional level
Category : Medical Specialty :Alternative Medicine

Some comments about the handmade educational tai chi books based on this site that we design, produce and distribute:

about previews of the current edition
"...I found just the very quick look I was able to give it provided me with some valuable insights on a couple of sections of the form. Seeing the old posture with the larger circles makes some of the applications more clear and that helps me with the proper focus.

Keep at it — it will be a valuable addition to Tai Chi literature."

about the first edition
"the book just arrived. It is terrific. Thanks very much and keep up the good work."

recent customer comments
"...Very intriguing—and practical—design. Reminded me a little of Q's gadgets in the James Bond movies. ... "

Sifu Eddie Wu encouraged me to have my school listed on your site. I have submitted my information for approval. ...
[Sifu Eddie Wu is head of the Wu Federation in Toronto, and a direct descendent of the founders]
Larry Hawkins, Minneapolis, Mn


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