Accordion style flip-book

The Wu Style Tai Ji Quan Classic Form
Accordion Style Flip Book

featuring the images used by the founder of the Wu Style of Tai Ji Quan to illustrate this form.

Continuing where this site leaves off, this professionally handmade book shows the entire Wu Style 108 move "Classic" Form.

Its compact size makes it convenient to carry around and easy
to refer to. It can be used as a flip book, to look at individual
pictures, or the accordion style pages can be extended out to
view a longer sequence at a time.

It's an excellent study tool for students of any level and
would make a great gift for a valued instructor.


about previews of the current edition
"...I found just the very quick look I was able to give it provided me with some valuable insights on a couple of sections of the form. Seeing the old posture with the larger circles makes some of the applications more clear and that helps me with the proper focus.

Keep at it. It will be a valuable addition to Tai Chi literature."

other customer comments
"...Very intriguing and practical design. Reminded me a little of Q's gadgets in the James Bond movies. ... "

about the first edition
"the book just arrived. It is terrific.
Thanks very much and keep up the good work."

here are some sample pages.
english words are on the back

The cost is $150 plus shipping and handling.

In the past 13 years, we have sent these books to people around the world,
in the United States, Canada, Switzerland, Austrailia, Germany and Hong Kong.


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